Day 41

December 11, 2018: Stories Of Beatings And Deepening Frustration

Every month, almost without fail, this girl gets the shit beaten out of her, in some cases, literally. The cops come, take her away and she comes back but nothing really happens to the guy because she doesn’t press charges and is always “running into things and falling because she’s clumsy”. They make up, they seem happy and then it starts again, a shout her, a scream there, a push here, a shove there and you guessed it, she “ran into something and hurt herself” and the cops have to come to take care of her. It’s a fucked up cycle and like that video Babyface and Stevie Wonder made for their song “How Come, How Long” one day it will be a body being carried out in a bodybag. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

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