Day 67

January 6th, 2019: Have His Head Chopped Off On Grand Parade

When you agree to be the point person on a project you should be willing to take all that comes with that position. The good (accolades, some extra income, responsibility) and the not so good should things go to shit (disdain, hate, loss of income, responsibility). Basically own that shit. It’s all on you. Always. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 66

January 5th, 2019: I’m Ok With That

Contentment is a wonderful gift. I always strive to crave that which I already own. It keeps things fresh, alive and interesting. Added bonus: no boredom. When you learn to be ok with that thing you already own, your life gets a lot easier. I know this first hand. Now, there are people that might come up with the question “But aren’t you settling?” My answer is simple, “Nope. Not at all.” #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 65

January 4th, 2019: More To Come 

There’s no need to rest on your oars. When you finish one project you should take a moment to breathe then get right on the next one; which means while you are on one project you should have a few others cooking in the kitchen so you can pick up one and run with it. Always have “More To Come”, don’t rest with one accolade, on to the next one. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 64

January 3rd, 2019: Significant Harm

I must be careful with the things I say and the things I do to other people. I might think I am doing something good when all I am doing, successfully too, is hurting them. I must treat people better. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 62

January 2nd, 2019

Most stupid things happen because “it was a dare”. I have come to realise that being immune to dares is a blessing. When someone dares you to do something, you do not owe the person the pleasure of watching you do the thing. The reason you should do something is that you want to and not because it was a dare. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 62

January 1, 2019: Canada Is Very Smooth.

 I love this country. It was funny when some countries around the world expected a shit storm when weed was made legal. It’s been months and we are just moving along smoothly. Yup, even in this cold. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 61

December 31, 2018: There’s Room For Compromise

As the year end and a new year beckons, it is important that I learn to be more flexible, more adaptable and to listen more. Compromise is needed from time to time. That said, I also need to have things I won’t compromise on. Integrity is important. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 58

December 28, 2018: A Strike

A strike shuts everything down. A good boss knows what they have to do to keep the staff satisfied and happy to keep things going. Once a strike happens, you are losing more than you can imagine. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes