Day 77

January 16th, 2019: There Was No Bang, It was Very Gentle

We love a big gesture, a splash, fireworks, most of the times but not everything has to be an event. In fact, some of the most important things that happen to you happen gently, in drips. In my book, that’s a good thing. We can only handle too many bangs right? Gentle is sometimes very welcome #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 76

January 15th, 2019: Unconscious Intercourse Is Not Consent

Consent is as explicit as it gets. If it isn’t yes, it is no. If a person is out of it because they are drunk or whatever reason, they can’t consent. No matter how much you want to do whatever it is you have in your mind… No is No. If they can’t say no because they are not conscious, tuck them in, make sure they are lying face down in case they puke and let them be. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 74

January 13th, 2019: I Was Determined To Enjoy My Meal

Enjoy your meal even when it tastes a bit different than you are used to. Enjoy your meal even when you didn’t get the exactly serving you wanted. Enjoy your meal even when you feel you had to work your ass off to get that meal. Here’s why: if you don’t learn to enjoy your meal, do not get shocked when you find yourself without any meal to eat. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 73

January 12th, 2019: I Got Cheese, But I Like Spam Better

Learning to make the best of the hand you are dealt is an amazing skill we all need to cultivate. There will be times we will get things we love and enjoy but more often than not we will get things that barely scratch the surface of our needs. It is how we handle those that matter. If we don’t do a great job with the hand we are dealt, we might never get those things we truly desire. Learn to be content. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 72

January 11th, 2019: Was A Real Thrill

I don’t think I’ll ever try to jump from a plane. The risk/reward of doing that doesn’t really compute for me. Now I know I could fall down right now and die while someone can jump from a plane for the thousandth time and land safely. I also know that I don’t need to jump out of planes to get a thrill. Now, whatever a person does to get their thrill is up to them, as long as it isn’t breaking any law. I just know there are safer ways to get that rush. Find one or hey… jump out of a plane… it’s all up to you. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 71

January 10th, 2019: Treasures We Found On This Isolated Island

We sometimes ignore things only to learn later that all we had to do was look just a bit deeper and we would have found amazing treasures. We can’t always expect things to fall in our laps, we do need to go out and work for it. Even at an isolated island. I am generally optimistic and I know I won’t always find treasures in unexpected places but if I don’t look, I’ll never find it, right? #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 70

January 9th, 2019: Increasing Distrust
Fake News. Facebook. Cyber harassment. While the internet has made life a lot easier (I don’t have to leave my room to order all the gifts I want) it has also made life shittier. I always say, technology is a tool and it can be bad or good depending on how we use it. So when shit happens, the Internet might be the medium used but there is someone on the other end, typing that mess on the keyboard. So maybe we need to go back to the basics and learn to trust again. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 69

January 8th, 2019: You Can’t Find Intimacy – Behind Masks

If you want to know someone you have to do something scary, you have to take your mask off. We all wear masks, it keeps society going. If we said what we thought or felt every time, there would be no society. However, if you want to build a wonderful loving relationship, you must take your mask off. Is there a risk they will cut you off? Yes. Yes, it’s a super huge risk. But on the other hand, wouldn’t you want to know the person’s shit before you brought them into your world? Exactly! #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 68

January 7th, 2019: It’s Never Too Late To Apologize

I don’t say “I’m Sorry” often and this is something I need to work on but I also think it’s a good thing because I don’t apologize unless I am contrite. I don’t see the point in mouthing the words when I really don’t mean it. I also need to remind myself that while it’s never too late to apologize, the sooner I do apologize, the better. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes