Day 97

February 5th, 2019: No I Am Not A Heartless Monster

When someone does something you don’t expect them to do, especially if it is something that is detrimental to us, we tend to see the person as a monster. We need to understand that as much as we want to give the person a label, they have a heart and they might be working through somethings. So again, it is important that we need to learn to be gentle with ourselves. We are not heartless monsters. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 96

February 4th, 2019: Be Gentle With Yourselves

We sometimes take things so hard on ourselves. We push harder than we need to, we chastise with more ferocity because we believe we should do better but we forget that we are human which means we are fallible and failing is ok. When you fall don’t beat yourself up. Learn from the experience and move on but always be gentle with yourself. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 95

February 3rd, 2019: The New Year Doesn’t Give A Shit About You

We can’t be so conceited to think that everything is about us. What we can do is take every moment we are given and make the best of it not just for us but for the world as a whole. One more thing, just because it doesn’t give a shit about you  doesn’t mean you can’t give a shit about it. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 94

February 2nd, 2019: Last Year Was Difficult

I know that each year is its own thing. The year before might be heavy, difficult and untoward but that year is done and you have a new year to rebuild and create the life you want. Last year was difficult but it’s done and you are here. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 92

January 31st, 2019: Pot-Impaired Drivers Are Desperate

We live in a wonderful country where you can smoke weed recreationally. However, like drinking, when you are high, don’t drive. It’s just a stupid thing to do! #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 90

January 29th, 2019: Shutdown Of The Problem

When a computer acts up and it seems it just won’t respond to your action, the first thing to try is rebooting it. That is something we should bring into our lives. Rather than stick to trying over and over to fix a problem that just won’t be fixed, it might be time to shutdown the problem and start anew. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 89

January 28th, 2019: No One Ever Knows A Good Problem To Have

No matter how shitty you think you have it, there are millions that have it worse than you so don’t complain. Work at it and learn from it. That is a good practice and a way toward getting better in all you do. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes

Day 88

January 27th, 2019: I’m Surprised I Thought Further Than That

It is important to think a few steps ahead because if you just think of the next thing, all you’ll do is react when shit happens rather than having a plan in place for it. If you did plan for it at least you would have come up with a contingency plan. #MyBlackOutPoems @centreforarttapes